IT Management

IT Management

Managed IT Services: Fast & Reliable

Tera Technology Group can remove the burden of managing your IT department by providing small business owners with managed IT services to maximize the performance of their company while controlling costs.

Tera’s management information systems provides our clients with a guaranteed level of service at a predictable monthly fee. Our goal is to analyze situations and fix them before they ever become issues.

IT Consulting Services For Your Most Critical Issues

If knowledge is power, then security assessment services are the key to empowerment. IT consulting can your business grow daily. Before, it was important to check IT infrastructures for vulnerabilities to prevent business disruption, but the landscape is changing. Regulations are being applied to industries to protect information as well as to create accountability when failing to do so. Although regular internal vulnerability testing is critical in keeping your network secure, there comes a time when an outside set of eyes becomes necessary to validate your findings. Tera Technology Group provides several different security assessments to build a strong IT infrastructure.

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  • Remote Monitoring
  • Site Survey
  • Technical Support
  • Reporting
  • Network Audits
  • Help Desk
  • External Network Review
  • Internal Network Review

Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring is the main component of Tera’s Managed Services Solution. By utilizing our Remote Monitoring Software our trained network technicians can analyze the key performance indicators of the entire network (Severs, Printers, Desktops, Switches, etc.) to get an up to the minute snapshot of the performance of your Network ensuring maximum performance. It also provides us with the necessary information to provide monthly Network Status Reports and Network Audits, for your review.

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Managed Technology Services

Our network technicians will conduct a thorough site survey to ensure that the client has the following in place and in working condition:

  • Current business class Antivirus software on each desktop with the current definitions
  • Current business class Anti-Spyware on each desktop with the current definitions
  • Adequate infrastructure (Wiring, Switches, Battery Backup, etc.)
  • Adequate and working Backup Solution with business class software or an online backup solution
  • Adequate business class firewall (Sonicwall, Fortinet, etc.)

Recommendations will be made to the clients in areas where changes must be made to ensure a highly performing business network.

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Technical Support

A prearranged number of hours will be spent supporting your networking department to keep your IT system running to its maximum efficiencies. To provide you with quicker responses to any issues you may have, Remote Support will be utilized. On-site support will be used when necessary.

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  • Customizable Reports
  • Hardware and Software Inventory
  • Changes to Computer Hardware and Software
  • Disk Utilization
  • Licenses Usage
  • Network Usage and Statistics
  • Server and Workstation uptime history
  • Computer Logs and Status
  • Security Patch and Update Status
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Network Audits

Our comprehensive network audits often highlight ways for our customers to lower their IT costs through reducing costly downtime, improving performance levels, and eliminating lost productivity due to incompatible or out-of-date software.

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Help Desk

Your users can get their questions answered by calling our support 24/7.

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External Network Review

A highly cost effective review of your externally accessible IP addresses by a team of consultants utilizing a variety of tools.

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Internal Network Review

A highly cost effective review of your systems (servers, desktops, switches, routers, firewalls, etc.) by a team of consultants utilizing a variety of tools.

This assessment is performed from within your network utilizing nothing more than a network connection.

Surprisingly, over 70% of all attacks occur from the inside. This assessment shows you what an internal attacker can see and potentially do to your information assets.

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IT Management

IT Infrastructure & Components for Your Business

Technology powers most aspects of today’s business world. This is why an IT infrastructure needs to be flexible, reliable, and secure. Meet your business goals and give yourself a competitive edge in your market. If a proper IT infrastructure isn’t implemented, businesses can face a variety of issues like connectivity, productivity, and security issues. These potential threats make having a properly implemented infrastructure that much more important.

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Tera Technology Group will manage your IT services and create the strategies you need to help your business perform at an optimal level. We analyze potential situations and find solutions before they become problems. Contact us today to learn more!