VoIP Phone Systems

What is a VoIP Phone?

These days, most people are using smartphones as their main phones, which has led to the introduction of Voice Over Internet Protocol or VoIP. A VoIP service provides customers with more options when they’re looking for a new phone system. Tera Technology helps to set up and install VoIP services for all types of businesses, both large and small.

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Why VoIP Calling & Online Calling is a Popular Choice

With the advancement of technology, it has become easier than ever to ditch older phone plans and switch to VoIP calling. VoIP allows people to make phone calls within a computer network or over the internet. Online calling is a more cost-effective option than traditional phones with benefits such as no extra charge for long-distance calls and pay by the minute plans. Tera Technology’s team of dedicated IT professionals are able to help you set up your VoIP phones so you can save money. Our team has been helping businesses with their phone systems for years and when issues arise, we offer quick responses to help fix your problems right away.

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We Can Help Setup Your Business Phone Systems

Setting up a business phone system can be an extensive, costly, and stressful process. With the many options you need to configure, attempting to do it on your own is a hassle. At Tera Technology, we want to help you set up your VoIP phones so you can enjoy online calling immediately. With VoIP calling, you can enjoy the great benefits of traditional phone systems such as call forwarding, call waiting, on-hold music, and extensions without the hefty price tag. With the option for your business to use mobile data, Wi-Fi, or other internet networks, you won’t need to worry about not having phone reception or paying an extra fee for ‘roaming’ charges with your typical phone provider. Even better, your business phone can travel with you which means less missed calls from clients and customers.

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Let Tera Technology Help You with your VoIP Phone Solution!

Tera Technology VoIP phone services help improve your business functions while enabling you to focus on the strategic initiatives to grow your company. As an industry leader in IT support, phone system solutions, disaster recovery planning and more, Tera Technology focuses on building a long-term relationship and the flexibility to meet your business demands. Forgo the hassle of setting up your VoIP phone system and let Tera Technology help!

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