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IT Professional Services & Computer Network Solutions

Tera Technology is a leading provider of comprehensive computer network solutions, dedicated to delivering services that meet the ever-evolving technological demands of modern businesses. Our specialty is ensuring that your computers remain operational at all times!

Tera Technology Group believes in taking an active role in supporting our clients’ computer networks—that’s why our IT professionals offer reliable computer network solutions. Through our monthly preventative maintenance, we can detect most issues before they occur. Proactive maintenance with our IT professionals keeps your business up and running and eliminates computer downtime during the business day. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction has earned us a reputation as one of the most trusted providers of computer network solutions in the area.

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Expert IT Consultant Services for Your Business

If you’re a business executive, we recognize that you likely encounter several technology-related hurdles frequently. These challenges may include finding the right cloud computing solutions, server virtualization solutions, data protection solutions and IT support services. Tera Technology Group, a Delaware IT Consultant, can lift the burden of IT assistance off your shoulders and become a valuable part of your own IT Department.

Our wealth of IT knowledge will help improve your business’s up-time by providing expert IT consulting services, including support for your entire network and expert networking services, enabling you to focus on more strategic initiatives that grow your business. As a Managed Service provider and a leading provider of cloud computing solutions and IT consulting services, we have the resources to support all your IT requirements, from product procurement, managed support, virtual server infrastructure, IT security, data protection services, mobile technology solutions and full support in IT. We do this with a focus on building a long-term relationship and the flexibility your business demands. Partnering with us means you can be confident that your business will have access to comprehensive IT solutions, giving you the freedom to concentrate on driving your business forward, safe in the knowledge that your IT needs are in good hands.

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Special Projects

  • New Customers!
  • Office Relocation
  • Server Upgrades & Expansion
  • File Server Upgrades & Migrations
  • Microsoft Software Licensing
  • Disaster Recovery Planning


Services & Support

  • Emergency Services
  • IT Service Plans
  • Outsourcing and Maintenance
  • Phone System Solutions
  • Apple Macintosh Support
  • Flat Rate Managed Service
  • Mortgage Company IT Support


Web Technology

  • Cloud Computing
  • Web Development
  • Custom Programming
  • Co-location and Hosted Servers
  • Hosted Exchange Email
  • Email Spam Service
  • Email Archiving


Office & Networking

  • Office Network Design
  • Phone & Network Wiring
  • SonicWALL & Cisco Support
  • Online/Offiste Backup Service
  • Remote Computing Solutions
  • Smartphone Support
  • Fax Server Solutions


Solutions for Your Network Management & Services

At Tera Technology, we provide an array of cutting-edge services designed to optimize your business’s networking capabilities. Our team of experts are committed to delivering top-notch network management solutions, providing you with a peace of mind. With our ongoing maintenance and support, our network management services ensure that your network is always running at peak performance. Choose Tera Technology’s networking services to equip your business with the latest technology and practices, enabling you to stay ahead of the competition and achieve your business goals.


Focusing on Your Computer Network Solutions with our IT Professionals

Tera Technology’s IT professionals are your go-to partner for all your computer network solutions and IT consulting needs! We take pride in our ability to offer services that address the new technological demands of modern businesses. By partnering with our IT professionals, you can concentrate on propelling your business forward. Contact our IT professionals today at Tera Technology Group and let us help you achieve your business goals with our comprehensive IT solutions and services.