Email Security

Email Security

How to Maintain a Secure Email in Your Business

Maintaining a secure email inbox is an important aspect of protecting yourself and your organization from cyber threats. At Tera Technology Group, we offer secure email platforms, such as AppRiver and Proofpoint, to ensure the safety of your organization’s data and user accounts, so that your business can operate stress-free. With the increasing number of threats in the digital world, businesses today have to protect themselves from unauthorized access, email phishing scams, and malicious emails. Implement secure email practices with the help of Tera Technology Group.

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Establishing Email Phishing Prevention Tactics

Are you receiving emails from unreliable accounts? One way to practice secure email habits is by regularly checking your inbox for any suspicious messages that may contain malware. It’s important to create secure passwords that combine numbers, letters and symbols and change them regularly. Additionally, it’s necessary to be aware of email phishing scams which can come disguised as legitimate emails in order to access your business’s information or accounts.

Email phishing accounts often contain links leading to fake websites that mimic secure sites, such as banks or retailers. Therefore, it is critical that you never click on any suspicious links or provide personal information when prompted by a disguised email phishing account.

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Being Mindful of Email Scams & Online Security Threats

Email scams are a growing threat to business’s online security systems. Cyber criminals attempt to use email scams as an effective way to gain access to confidential information, accounts and data that they can later exploit for financial or identity theft purposes. It’s critical that businesses remain vigilant when it comes to digital security to protect themselves against emails scams and threats. When you choose Tera Technology, our team can help your business remain protected and secure from the online world.

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Secure Email Practices & Digital Safety

Ready to make your workday easier? Tera Technology is here for you. When it comes to maintaining a secure email, call on the experts! Our IT support team services companies in Wilmington, DE and beyond – always available to answer your questions with quick response times. Let us help you install secure email practices so you can focus on doing what makes YOUR job great!

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